Disruptive Technology Workshop

Digitisation, big data, e-commerce, cloud-based freight market places, connected platform technologies, online load boards, connected containers, online customs processing …. These offerings were not around a few years ago, but today they are disrupting the freight forwarding and supply chain industries, changing the way the industry does business – forever. Freight forwarding companies that embrace these disruptive technologies could boost their business and their competitiveness – by up to 13% annually, according to Accenture’s 2017 “Digital Disruption in Freight & Logistics – Ready to Roll?’ report. Those that don’t will lose both their competitiveness and value.

The SAAFF 2018 Congress featured an experiential Disruptive Technology workshop, aimed at giving delegates hands-on exposure to a wide range of new technologies.

MakerSpace Founder Steve Gray facilitated the workshop. “Our workshop aims to enlighten and engage delegates on the future of technology”, he explains. His team of innovators, thought leaders, trend analysts and facilitators were there to share their knowledge and expertise with the freight forwarding industry.

“We aim to get delegates thinking differently about training and skills development in the Industry to prepare companies for ongoing disruption and current opportunities,” continues Gray. “Delegates will leave excited and encouraged by the opportunities these offer”.

Congress delegates interacted with and experienced first-hand the transformative power of the technologies that bombard our work and home lives on a daily basis. 10 technologies that formed part of the workshop were:  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Open Source Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Technology, Robotics, Design Thinking and Lean Canvas, 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, Drone Technology, as well as CryptoCurrency and BlockChain.