Be sure to bring your business cards along, we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

The IMM Graduate School Logistics (Warehousing, Inventory & Procurement) 17 week course is valued at R15 000 including VAT.  In this short course, you’ll learn how to effectively implement strategies to ensure the “tri-factor”- warehousing, inventory management and procurement – is working optimally. You’ll discover how warehouses have become complex operations that add value to supply chains and give competitive advantages to organisations; how inventory management can lead to improvements in customer service, operational efficiency and company asset utilisation; and how procurement is a key strategic element in any supply chain process.  Read more…

The IMM Graduate School Transport (Freight Transport Operations, Supply Chain Operations and Green Logistics) 17 week course also valued at R15 000 including VAT.  With this short course, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the structure and operation of all types of freight transport, including planning and demand, regulation, control and business practices related to the industry. You’ll discover the ins and outs of supply chain operations including its evolution, its role in customer service, optimal business methods and principle activities that drive supply chain operations. And, you’ll unpack the important topic of green logistics in markets that are complex, expanding and increasingly competitive. The course will also build on a knowledge base of best business practice, equipping you with practical skills in marketing and product positioning, managing information, reporting and finance. Read more…

A 3 night cruise to the Portugese Islands aboard the MSC Musica for 2 adults sharing in a balcony cabin. Life aboard is beautiful from the moment you step on board; whether you’re dancing to a band in the dazzling Crystal Lounge, pausing in the stylish Havana Club cigar lounge or sitting back to a superb live show in the stunning La Scala Theatre. 

Step aboard MSC Musica from Durban on the 15th of February 2019 and experience a magical world of warmth and music that makes every minute of your cruise an unforgettable moment to savour.

A set of beautiful, valuable coins sponsored by Lee Botti and Associates.